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We like to keep the waste to a minimum by producing small quantities.

When we add new items to the collection or re-stock bestseller you have the possibility to pre-order your garment.

By introducing new items we know it is not always everybodies taste. It doesn’t make any sense to produce stock and risking it doesn’t sell well and left behind on stock. It is a part of minimalize our footprint. We ratcher love to build a relationship with our customers and work together for our collection. 

For that reason we sometimes choose for pre-order production. 

And how much fun is it…? You order a garment, you have to wait and knowing people are working to get your dress ready to wear! And you are sure you will have your dress instead of ‘sold out’ sign in the webshop.


This way, you & the people behind Ssaar & Mother Earth are happy!





  • You order your item in the webshop

  • We collect the orders after 3 or 4 weeks to give everybody the chance to order.

  • We order the fabrics, send them to Poland. ( 1 week )

  • Production receive the fabrics and check the order.

  • The people in the workplace start cutting the fabrics, sewing the items. Add the washinglabels, sizelabels, brandlabels, hangtags.

  • Fold every item and put them in a bag ( 2 to 3 weeks )

  • Pick&Pack and ship to The Netherland ( 1 week )

  • Arrival in Rotterdam. Pick&pack and send the garment to you ( 2 or 3 workingsdays )

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