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Our batik is handprinted by artisans in Java. Java is brilliant in batik textiles.The word batik means:'drawn with a broken dot'.

We love to keep this traditional art form alive and share this with you in our collection!



Tiny de Vries loves to illustrate her life.

She grew up in a small Dutch farming village in the warm surroundings of a creative, open minded and free spirited family. She has always been an artist and an explorer, having lived and studied art in Indonesia and traveled around the world discovering new cultures and dreaming of a peaceful world in harmony with nature.

Tiny's roots made her what she is today.

She finds inspiration in nature, travelling, experiencing different cultures, her love for handcraft, books and art. Her work is intuitive, positive, poetic, bohemian and feminine.
She loves her work, the freedom it brings and the endless flow of creative and positive energy.

Her studio Tinystories ’ is poetic and filled with light, her atelier is like stepping into a dreamworld.