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“ We are all different and unique, that’s a gift of nature “


Ssaar, origin Sarah means pure, happiness, noblewoman, princess, mother of all nations.

We all are Sarah/ Ssaar.


Ssaar believes in the beauty of living in freedom and simplicity.

Simple designs, loose silhouettes and natural soft textiles which embrace your body are at our core for creating timeless garments. You can easily wear it oversized or if you like to wear more fit you can choose one size smaller.

We hope you will wear the collection with comfort and ease so you want to wear it over and over again, a collection that is made to last.


Be – As – You – Are

We are all different and unique, that’s a gift of nature.

Our designs are simple to compliment your personality and the garment becomes a part of who you are in daily life.

At Ssaar we don’t feel the urge to follow trends in this busy world. For us it is a way living. We rather go slow and focus on our environmental footprint creating a timeless collection using soft natural textiles to calm you down. 


Happy Hands – Happy Earth

We consciously choose our textiles and the people who we are collaborating with to create the collection.

We have a profound love for European linen within Ssaar. Not only because of its structure brings character to our garments, but also of the low agriculture impact.The flax plants grow fast, therefor no pesticides are needed and the plants don’t exhaust the soil. Almost the entire plant is used for creating the textile. And all linen products are also biodegradable. Earth friendly is our standard as you know.


Our collection is exclusively made in Poland by a small Dutch company. We like working close to the Netherlands for a minimum footprint. Secondly we keep the waste to a minimum by producing small quantities and pre-order garments.  Ssaar is a brand with a purpose and vision; respecting the earth, the farmers who are growing the plants, the people who develop our textiles and the dressmakers creating your Ssaar garment with love and care. 

Love, the people of Ssaar

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