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“Treat me well and I will stay with you for a long time”


Is your garment still clean after wearing? Hang it in the open air to freshen up! It will save you money and your garment won’t wear out quickly. And the most important…it will save you time to relax!


 * Check stains 

 * Not dirty and doesn’t smell? Hang in the open air to freshened up.

 * Otherwise put in a washing bag

 * Use delicate detergent and don’t overdue to ensure you it will keep its         color and shape.

 * Don’t use fabric softener. Our garments already feel comfortable on

   your skin.

 * Washing program: delicate wash 30 degrees.

 * Ready? Take out of the bag. Loosen it up and let it dry.

 * Please don’t dry it in the sun to keep the original color.

 * Enjoy wearing it over and over again!

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